ACGME injustices

Why ACGME rules should change.

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Just like the political system, medicine is stained. There are doctors who aren’t even kind to their own. These fields are one of the toughest out there with high burnout and injustice. There’s a loophole in their rules of 80 hour work week. I was previously at a program which worked their residents like a dog for 140 hours every two weeks and instead of training, they were just failing their residents. This should be reprimanded and looked at.

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Children’s Hospital

There’s a few bad eggs in there….

there will be Karma for them.

The way that they treat their own residents and cophysicians. The arrogance that come from graduating from a UC program and being a few years ahead of another person. Just put a stop to this behavior. Several of the faculties lack proper training and the manner that they exemplify the work is even more terrifying. And to think they know it all. Stop.

ACGME put the money in the wrong hands. They should do it the other way around where the programs are not allowed to keep all that money but that the Residents are paying the program for their training.


When God takes

This last week with news of Hurricane Harvey and Houston,… people have gotten very sick for some reason and the staff are overwhelmed and distracted.

We continue to pray as when God and the force of nature decides to take someone, even if they are passing away in front of another’s eyes, they just cannot be brought back to life. These events are unfortunate and it always make people wonder in grief, but we are not God. There are so much limitations in how much a person can do.

In the while, I pray for myself due to colleagues who reports information incorrectly because of their own surface interpretation.  For people who hears these things and are not receiving such information from first hand experience.

Relax your mind

Avalokitesvara is “the one who looks deeply into the world and hears the cries of the world.” This voice relieves our suffering and suppressed feelings, because it is the voice of someone who understands us deeply — our anguish, despair, and fear. When we feel understood, we suffer much less.

It’s that time of year..

We get 360 degrees evaluations. However, when you don’t perform as well, you’re under constant scrutiny and your job is no longer secure. The amount of stress induced by this type of environment is beyond imagination. The only way to cope with this type of stress is when I can remind myself that this work is not the final option. If a negative connotation has been imposed like a stone that weighs heavy on me, I have to slip beneath it and come out otherwise I will be crushed completely. It’s even worse that you’re not allowed to discuss this with anyone at all because they will evaluate it as a sign of weakness and unprofessional and this too ends up on your evaluation as cynicism and failure.

Just get the hardest year over and it will be behind me.



Why? :

I know a curious little boy,

Who is always asking “Why?”

Why this, why that, why then, why now?

Why not, why by-the-by?

He wants to know why wood should swim,

Why lead and marble sink,

Why sun should shine and wind should blow

And why we eat and drink.

He wants to know what makes the clouds

And why they cross the sky,

Why sinks the sun behind the hills

And why the flowers die.

Some of these why’s are not too hard

To answer if you’ll try;

Others no one ever yet

Has found the reason why.